After over ten years of service, my old iron went up in a poof of white smoke that smelled like burning electronics.  Unfortunately, it had special screws holding it together so I couldn’t open it up and try to fix it.  Time for a new iron.

I did some research online, and the Black and Decker D2030 Digital Advantage ™ Iron got some high marks from reviewers, so I went ahead and purchased it:

First Impressions

Black and Decker D2030 IronThe unit was solid and slightly heavier than my old iron. It comes with a plastic water jug, which I thought was neat at first, but then realized that most people will probably lose it in a few months.

It turned on as soon as I plugged it in.  It warmed up quite fast and beeps when ready to use.  To adjust heat level, you press a button at the top of the handle to step through the levels, which show up on a big display.  It’s easy to set.

In Use

I ironed two shirts and two pairs of pants.  The bottom surface glided very smoothly across the fabric – much better than my other iron – making ironing almost effortless.  Since it’s a bit heavier, almost no downward pressure is required.

To turn off the iron, you press and hold the button at the top of the handle. When the unit is off and plugged in, a red light at the base of the handle stays on, which some people have found disconcerting. After being in this state for a while, the ironing surface cooled down but the handle was slightly warm.  No big deal for me, as I usually unplug the iron between uses.

Some reviewers online said that the door for the water compartment broke off after some use, and I can totally see why.  The plastic hinge for the door is way too puny.  Whoever designed that was out of his mind.  I usually don’t use the onboard steam option; I use a separate sprayer, so this is not a showstopper for me, but it does bug me.

Black and Decker D2030 Iron Water Door

You’ll have to be very careful not to break the water compartment door off because the hinge is very flimsy.


Overall, this iron is a joy to use.  It is solid and glides effortlessly over fabric. It heats up fast.


Water door hinge is flimsy. If you don’t use the steam function, it’s fine.  If you do, then you’ll have to treat this door with kid gloves.

But overall, this is a great iron and I’m glad I purchased it. – Brian

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