Do you hate being held hostage in boring meetings at work where they spew the latest MBA jargon and prevent you from completing your real work? If so, I have the perfect solution: Corporate Lingo Bingo. Just navigate to this site on your phone:

Scan your game board and start listening for the phrases listed. Does someone need to think “outside the box”? Place a game piece on the square by touching it. Does your team need to “take it to the next level”? Or, maybe do your “due diligence”? Place another piece on that square. If you complete a full row, column, or diagonal, you’ll get a motivational phrase as your reward!

Remember to save this web app to your home screen and continue playing at every meeting. You’ll pay closer attention in boring meetings than you ever did before! Let me know if you find it entertaining or want more features below! – Brian

Corporate Lingo Bingo screenshot

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