I get annoyed in this day and age when I have to deal with a company that still demands information to be sent by fax.  I have long since ditched my fax machine, and it’s a pain to go all the way to Kinkos just to send a fax.

But, if you have a computer connected to the Internet, there is an easier way, and it’s FREE!  I discovered this when I had to find a way to fax some medical insurance documents.

The service I used is myfax.com.  You can send 2 faxes for free per day using this service.  That’s plenty for most people!

You’ll have to fill out a simple form to send the fax:


You must put in your email, because you’ll receive an email in order to actually send the fax, and you’ll receive confirmation that the fax was sent by email.

Enter the info, and wait a few minutes for your fax to get through the queue.  Click the link in the email, then wait a few more minutes for it to be sent.  It’s as easy as that!

In case you’re wondering, this great service accepts a wide range of file formats including Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, TIF, JPEG and more.

But what if you want to fax a hard copy and you don’t have a scanner?  Use the poor man’s scanner: your phone camera!  That will produce a JPEG which you will be able to fax using this service.  Make sure to inspect it before sending to make sure it’s in focus and readable though.

Hope this was helpful. Did it work for you? – Brian

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