When I moved to the East Coast, I only took a fraction of my stuff with me.  I left a lot of it back in L.A: most of my music equipment, lots of books, some clothes, furniture, and so forth. The interesting thing is the entire time I was away, I didn’t miss any of the stuff I left behind. Actually, it felt pretty liberating not to be bogged down by so much stuff!

So, maybe it’s time to go through your stuff and get rid of some of it.  Here are some reasons to do it:

  1. While sorting through your stuff, you’ll re-discover things you’ve forgotten about or lost (this totally happened to me)
  2. You’ll have more living space when you’re done
  3. After you’ve de-cluttered, it will be easier to find things.
  4. It will be easier to keep your place tidy after de-cluttering.
  5. You can make some money if you sell your stuff (I made thousands of dollars selling my music equipment). If you donate it, you can get a tax write-off.
  6. When you sell or donate your stuff, you will be helping someone in need who won’t have to buy it at full price, which should make you feel good.
  7. When you sell or donate your stuff, you will be helping the environment because that item won’t need to be manufactured from scratch (which takes a lot more resources).
  8. You will save in moving costs the next time you need to move.
  9. You’ll enjoy what you have more. When you throw out distracting things, you’ll have the clarity to savor the things you really do enjoy.
  10. You’ll be happier and feel liberated overall, believe me!!

If you’re ready to take the plunge, read my de-cluttering tips! Tell me about your de-cluttering experiences below! – Brian

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