Massage Envy Memberships During COVID-19

The Massage Envy website has woefully little information about their official policy for members during the COVID-19 outbreak and shutdown. I called my local Massage Envy location to get more information, but there was only a recording with an email address. I tried calling two other locations and got the same.

After emailing, I did receive a response requesting my membership info and offering to take care of my situation. Because I’m no longer a member, I don’t know exactly what that would mean, but I can say they were very eager to help. I’ve heard that other franchises have suspended dues during the shutdown, but your experience may vary, as it is completely dependent on your local franchise. Bottom line, contact your local Massage Envy location by phone or email.

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If you look online, you’ll find that lots of folks who’ve had bad experiences canceling their Massage Envy memberships. And, frustratingly, you won’t find much information on Massage Envy’s website on how to cancel.

So, I was apprehensive when I decided to cancel my membership. I had been a member for several years and was actually very satisfied with my facials there (they had helped my acne scars), but my favorite esthetician had left, and I wanted a break.

If You’re Still Within the One Year Initial Contract

Massage Envy Wellness Agreements last one year and renew on a month-to-month basis after that.

If you’re still within the initial one-year term of your agreement, it’s much more difficult to cancel than if you’re month-to-month. You’ll need to provide proof that you’ve moved more than 24 miles away from your residence on the day you signed the contract, or provide a written statement from your doctor certifying that you’re unable to receive massages. They may accept other excuses at their “sole discretion”.

How I Canceled

Fortunately for me, I was past the one-year initial contract period.

The first thing I did was dig up my Massage Envy contract. I recommend trying to get as much info about your account as possible, including your membership number if you can find it. If you can’t, it’s probably not the end of the world though.

I called up my Massage Envy location and asked them how to cancel, bracing myself for a vigorous sales pitch. The receptionist asked for my membership number and checked my account. He saw that it was past the initial contract term and said he would email me a PDF document to complete and email back to them.

That’s it!

I was blown away at how easy it was! There was no high-pressure sales pitch to keep me (like you get when you try to cancel cable TV). The receptionist was very pleasant and didn’t even ask why I wanted to cancel!

When I got the document, I was also surprised that it didn’t have a million questions asking why I was canceling. There were only five multiple-choice survey questions and one line where it wanted me to explain why I was leaving. Not bad!

I emailed it back on a Saturday. On the next Tuesday, they called me to confirm the cancellation and give me the last date of my membership. Wow, so easy!

Knowing the Timing Is Important

Canceling a Massage Envy membership is not instantaneous, so you need to understand the timing.

First of all, Massage Envy says it takes up to ten days to process a cancellation after you email them the completed cancelation form. So, don’t wait until the day before your next bill before canceling; you probably will still get billed for it.

After your cancellation form is processed, Massage Envy gives you 60 days to use up any remaining credits.  I actually didn’t even know I had any credits, so it was nice to have the time to use them up!  For that reason, I actually delayed submitting the forms for a few days in order to give myself the maximum amount of time to use my credits.  But, I was careful not to get within ten days of my next billing date to avoid getting billed for another whole month.


Overall, I was very relieved that the Massage Envy membership cancellation process was so easy, especially after reading so many horror stories online. It seems that Massage Envy has taken steps to make the cancellation process easier than what some folks had experienced previously (at least for those who are out of the one-year initial contract period). Granted, your results may vary, especially since Massage Envy is a franchise and locations may differ.

While I would have vastly preferred a way to cancel online, my experience with canceling Massage Envy went very smoothly.

Question? What was your experience canceling Massage Envy like? – Brian

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