Top Ten Things I Love About My 2017 Ford Fusion Hybrid SE

After my BMW 325i got totaled in an accident, I did a bunch of research to find a new car. I knew I wanted something with good gas mileage which was moderately sporty-looking. Oh, and it had to have folding rear seats to carry big things.

After reading a lot online, I settled on the Ford Fusion Hybrid SE and I love it! Here are the top ten reasons why, using my 2006 BMW325i for comparison when appropriate:

1. The Design

I think the Ford Fusion is one of the best-looking hybrids out there. I think the look is on par with my old 325i BMW (although the brand prestige is not the same I freely admit).

BMW325i vs. Ford Fusion SE
2006 BMW325i vs. 2017 Ford Fusion SE

There’s a pretty strong consensus among critics that Ford did a stellar job, especially with the front. Comparisons to the Aston Martin abound in online reviews. What do you think?

2. The Folding Rear Seats

Ford Fusion Hybrid folding rear seats
Ford Fusion Hybrid folding rear seats

Folding rear seats are a “must-have” for me. They allow me to carry long items like skis, music equipment, small furniture, etc. All Fusions have folding rear seats, which is friggin’ awesome!

3. The Gas Mileage

Ford advertises the Fusion Hybrid as having 43MPG city / 42MPG highway. Right now I’m getting over 42MPG.

Ford Fusion dashboard showing 42.5 MPG
Ford Fusion dashboard showing 42.5 MPG

While this gas mileage is at the low end for most hybrids in this class, it’s still significantly better than my BMW, which was getting around 21 MPG.

Another thing is that the Fusion takes regular gas. My BMW only took super, which was a drain on my pocketbook.

4. The Value

My pimped-out SE with the luxury package was well under $30,000 before taxes. I think that is a great value for a hybrid that looks this good.

I think a pimped-out SE is a better value than the next-level Titanium model, or highest-level Platinum because those are significantly more expensive (especially the Platinum) and add features I don’t need.

5. The Ride

The Fusion Hybrid has a quiet, smooth, ride, but is still sporty. My BMW 3-series used to scrape or bottom-out when I went over bumps quickly. The Fusion glides right over them!

Another important thing for me is the turning radius for making tight U-turns in the city, and the Fusion performs well in this respect.

6. Cabin Roominess

While the rear seating area isn’t huge, you can actually have two adult humans sit comfortably in the Ford Fusion rear seats. The seats are relatively high up so you’re not squatting, and there is room for your feet.

2017 Ford Fusion rear seat
2017 Ford Fusion rear seat

The rear seats in my 3-series BMW were a joke. I’d only put one person back there unless I was really desperate.

7. The Gadgets

Ford Fusion Hybrid dashboard
Ford Fusion Hybrid dashboard

USB charging ports, AC power port, Sirius radio, iOS/Android integration, rear backup camera, keyless entry… the Ford Fusion SE with SYNC 3 package is packed with the latest gadgets and technology. More importantly, the SYNC 3 software is much better than the maligned My Ford Touch system previously included.

8. The Interior

I got my Fusion SE pimped out with the luxury package (equipment group 602A) which adds leather interior. In the words of Ferris Bueller, “It’s so choice. I highly recommend it if you have the means.”

Ford Fusion leather interior
Ford Fusion leather interior

It also came with heated front seats, which I thought would be completely frivolous in Southern California, but more than a few times my passenger appreciated it when it got colder at night.

9. The Storage Compartments

The Fusion has an insane amount of storage area in the front passenger area. There are four cup holders (two in the center and one in each door). The glove compartment is huge. The center storage compartment under the armrest is deep and there’s additional storage in front of the gear shift dial. Plus, there are large storage areas in each door. Wow.

2017 Ford Fusion forward storage area, cup holders and arm rest storage areas
2017 Ford Fusion forward storage area, cup holders and arm rest storage areas

10. LED Tail Lights

I love the idea of never having to replace my tail light bulbs.

Ford Fusion LED tail light
Ford Fusion LED tail light

I wish I had the LED headlight option though.  I found a YouTube video that shows a guy changing his headlight bulb without disassembling the front end, and he replaces it with an LED! Not all of the commenters found it this easy though.  And, I’m not sure it would work!

Now See What I Hate About the Fusion

So far, I’m really happy with my Ford Fusion SE.  Of course, no car is perfect, and if you want to see what could be improved read the Ten Worst Things About the Ford Fusion Hybrid.

What do you think of the 2017 Ford Fusion? Any questions, write below. – Brian

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1 year ago

I really like my 2017 Fusion Energi, but I sold my BMW 525xi Sports Wagon, a 160 mph station wagon that I (6’2) can sleep in. I got 26 mph with that car, but the astronomical cost of repairs was a killer.

7 years ago

I love my 2016 Fusion Hybrid SE.

7 years ago

Fantastic, I may follow your lead