Our John Lennon and Yoko Ono Halloween Costume

For Halloween 2018, my wife and I went as John Lennon and Yoko Ono to our local Halloween swing dance party. Here’s how we put together the costumes.

The Idea

Years ago, I was in New Orleans for Halloween, and I saw a couple dressed as John and Yoko, wearing all white. The guy had long hair and a beard, and the woman had the floppy hat and big dark glasses. I instantly knew who they were and I loved it!

Fast forward over a decade. I’m now married. The idea comes back to me for this year’s Halloween, my first as a couple. Luckily, my wife’s into the idea and it’s on!

The Look

The “John and Yoko” white costume is super simple. Here’s the look we were going for:

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How We Assembled Our Costumes

We had one weekend to put most of it together before the Halloween party. I had none of the John Lennon pieces except for white shoes. After visiting about a half a dozen stores at our local mall, I was starting to panic. But then we went to Macy’s where I struck gold and found the major pieces.

The pants and jacket were Calvin Klein, on sale at $40 each! Regular price for the jacket was $178, and for the pants was $58. I also got the white Club Room turtleneck from Macy’s, although I had to order it online and pick it up from a different store. Cost was $15 on sale from $30!

I got the wig and fake beard set at aah’s for $40. It was intended for a Biblical costume, and the beard was way to long, so I trimmed it. I also picked up some round John Lennon glasses and a peace symbol necklace there. John never wore such a necklace as far as I know, but I figured it would be a good hint in case someone didn’t know who we were.

So, I spent a total of about $130 for the whole thing. But, I intend to wear a lot of the pieces in real life, so not a big deal.

My wife didn’t have a white outfit, but she did have white shorts, which we decided to use. She already had white shoes, which we decided to use with long white socks instead of the white boots. She just had to get a slightly oversize white shirt and floppy white hat. These were surprisingly difficult to find, but finally she found them at Target.

She spent about $40 on her costume.

The Finished Product

Here’s how it turned out!

Embed from Getty Images
Our John and Yoko Halloween Costume
Our John and Yoko Halloween Costume

As John, I look pretty ridiculous, but my wife nailed it as Yoko. It helps that she’s a petite Asian woman.

Not everyone got who we were but those who did got a huge kick out of it, and admired the simplicity and cleverness of the idea. We also got a ton of likes on Facebook! – Brian

Our John Lennon and Yoko Ono Halloween Costume
Our John Lennon and Yoko Ono Halloween Costume

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