Do Real Men Pee Sitting Down? Why You Should Try It

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It all started when I saw a video by a YouTuber that I follow, Feli in Germany, that claimed that a majority of German men pee sitting down most of the time. I was pretty surprised by this.

I checked it out and according to this study by YouGov, 62% of German men do indeed pee sitting down every time or most of the time. This same study shows that a good portion of men in other countries also pee sitting down, i.e., 39% of Australian men for example. Later I found out that 60.9% of men in Japan also prefer to pee sitting down.

This was mind-blowing to me! I had thought that one universal cultural constant was that men peed standing up!

I figured that Germans are pretty smart, so I gave it a try – just at night though.

You Can Go While Half Asleep

I quickly discovered that I liked it because when I went sitting down in the middle of the night, I didn’t need to turn on the light or fully wake up to go to the bathroom. No aiming needed. I could keep my eyes closed. No cleanup of errant drops required. I could just sit there half asleep. So, when I was done, I was more likely to get back to sleep quicker!

It’s Easier to Go When You’re… Aroused in the Morning

After this, I quickly started peeing sitting down first thing in the morning because, well, it was easier to go sitting down with “morning wood” (or “morning glory” if you’re in the UK). It’s a documented fact that when a guy has an erection, it’s easier to pee sitting down and leaning forward than to pee standing up. Give it a try and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

You Bathroom Will Be Way Cleaner

After that, I noticed that the bathroom was cleaner, so I went all in and started peeing sitting down all of the time at home.

Wow, there was a huge difference in the cleanliness of my bathroom after that. And I didn’t have to clean it nearly as often. Studies have shown how disgusting it is when you pee standing up:

Toilet manufacturer “Lion even conducted an experiment using ultraviolet light that revealed that splashbacks occurred on the inside rims of toilets and under seats even when a person sits to urinate, although peeing standing up by men results in splashes outside the field of play — a violation usually involving sprinkles on the floor or adjacent walls.”

Pretty gross when you think about it.

Your Spouse or Roommates Will Appreciate It

My wife really appreciates how clean the bathroom is now that I sit down to do my business. Anyone who shares a toilet with you will too.

Better Emptying

There are also some studies and my own personal experience that suggest that peeing stting down results in more complete emptying of the bladder. I discovered this for myself a few times when I peed standing up, then had the urge to, well, go number two. When I sat down, I was able to pee a little more. Has this happened to anyone else? Please comment below!

The Exceptions

Just to be clear, if I’m in a public men’s room with urinals, I’m not going to sit down to pee. I’m going to use the urinals of course. Sitting down only applies to residential toilets.

The Full List of Benefits

So, now I’m a believer in sitting down (when I’m in a residential bathroom at least). Here are some good reasons to do so:

  • Your bathroom will be way cleaner and you won’t need to clean it as often.
  • You won’t need to wake up as much when go in the middle of the night.
  • It’s much easier to go in the morning if you have, ahem, morning wood.
  • You might empty your bladder more completely, and therefore not have to go quite as often.
  • You can use your phone while you go.
  • It’s not as noisy as peeing standing up, which can be embarrassing when there are people right outside your bathroom. (Here’s another solution to this though).
  • Your wife, girlfriend, roommates, or anyone you share your toilet with, will appreciate it!
  • If you are a guest at someone else’s home, they will appreciate it!
  • In some cultures outside the United States (and in some households within the U.S.), it is considered rude to pee standing up.

As someone who is always looking for “life hacks” to save time, get better sleep, improve relationships, etc., this was a no-brainer!

What do you think? All I can say is give it a try for a week! You may like the benefits! Love or hate this, please comment below. – Brian

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