If You Hate Getting Into a Cold Bed, You’ll Fall in Love with This Whole Bed Warming Pad

I’ve lived in New England, so I know what it’s like to slip into a cold bed at the end of a long day. Unless your home’s heat is turned way up (and mine never was), slipping into a cold bed can be a bone-chilling experience until your body heat warms it up.

Years later, I discovered the Shield Life TheraMat bed heater that is commonly used in Asia and is now available in the United States on Amazon. It was a total game-changer.

What Is It?

The Shield Life TheraMat is basically an electric blanket, but it sits between your mattress and your fitted sheet. You just leave it there. It adds a little thickness to your mattress, but not much. Our fitted sheet fit right over it with no problem.

The controls are at the end of a flat cable that comes from the blanket and goes around your fitted sheet. The controller sits on your nightstand.

Shield Life TheraMat with fitted sheet removed
Shield Life TheraMat with fitted sheet removed

The Queen and King sizes feature independent left and right controls, so each person can set their own temperature. The temperature setting has five levels.

Does It Work?

I can’t tell you how amazing it feels to slide into a warm bed after it’s been heated with the TheraMat!! It’s warmest at your feet, which is exactly what you want. It feels SO wonderful compared to getting into a cold bed!!! No more freezing toes!

Shield Life TheraMat controller with fitted sheet
Shield Life TheraMat controller with fitted sheet

It’s great that it has two independent settings because my wife likes it warmer than I do.

The TheraMat has also enabled us to save money on our heating bill because we can turn down our home heater at night!!

Is it Safe?

If you’re concerned about EMF (electromagnetic fields), the TheraMat has a carbonized copper mesh layer that effectively shields your body from any electric fields from the heating element.

Shield Life TheraMat specifications
Shield Life TheraMat specifications

Where to Get It

The Shield Life TheraMat is available on Amazon in twin, full, and queen sizes:

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Cheaper Alternatives

The TheraMat is high quality and works great, but it is pricey. A reader alerted me to some more affordable alternatives. We haven’t tried these. If you do, please let me know how they are!


We love our Shield Life TheraMat and use it every night in the winter. If you live in a cold climate and hate getting into a freezing bed, I’d highly recommend the Shield Life TheraMat for your bed! As a bonus, you’ll save on your home heating costs!

If you have any questions, leave a comment below and I’ll answer them!

Shield Life TheraMat tag
Shield Life TheraMat tag

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2 years ago

Totally agree with the idea of the product, which is better than the traditional electric blanket, but this one you mentioned is priced at a crazy $450 (queen size). We bought a Sunbeam one (also queen size), once in late 2017 and again in late 2019, for $66 and $69, and even these are now double the price. Wow.