These six-outlet sockets look cleaner and are ideal behind furniture

These days, we seem to have so many things that need to be plugged in. The problem is that when you start using multi-adapters with bulky plugs, the whole mess can stick out and leave a huge gap behind your furniture, or just look plain ugly.

This Side Entry 6-Way Electrical Socket Outlet Splitter In-Wall Tap Adapter plugs right into your existing wall socket and has the power cables exiting out the sides instead of the front. It looks a a lot cleaner than traditional outlet splitters and is lower profile, enabling you to push your furniture closer to the wall.

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Depth Measurements

Let’s say you’re using a more conventional outlet expander. I plugged in an iPad power supply. I measured it sticking out about 4.25 inches.

Conventional outlet splitter with iPad power adapter plugged in

The side-entry version sticks out only 1.75 inches with the power adapter plugged in:

Side-entry splitter

Beware of Other Adapters with Only One Plug!

One important thing to note is that the box has TWO plugs and they are wired to each side separately! The bottom plug is wired to the left outlets while the top plug is wire to the right. That’s really great if one of your plugs is controlled by a switch. This box is totally compatible!

Six-entry socket
The top and bottom plugs are wired to opposite sides

Beware! Some boxes on the market only have the top plug wired to all six outlets. If you’d like to use it with a wall outlet that has bottom one controlled by a switch, you’re out of luck!

Overall Quality

These boxes are ETL safety approved and are solid. The internal wiring is high-quality. And again, this box has two plugs in the back. Don’t purchase one that has only one.

There is a center hole so you can screw the box to your wall, but there’s absolutely no need to. I just plugged it in and it worked great. Some reviewers online complain about the lack of screw though.

Six-socket box showing center hole
It’s not necessary to add a screw to the center hole

The only real gripe I have is that they’re grey instead of white. But in my case, I have them behind furniture, so that doesn’t really matter.

And note, this is not a surge protector. It simply gives you more outlets. If you need surge protection, I would plug in a power strip with surge protector into this. This is for giving you more outlets with less height off the wall.


So, I’m a big fan on these boxes and I think they’re super handy for plugging in lots of stuff behind furniture. You can find them in packs of two or more on Amazon, very reasonably priced!

Questions? What do you think? Please comment below! – Brian

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