I value our relationship and I’m so glad to have you in my life. So, instead of spending the time and money to buy me a gift, I’d much rather that you spend that time with me so we can catch up.

Call it what you want – minimalism, decluttering, Marie Kondo-ing… I’ve embraced having fewer things and I’m currently looking to get rid of even more of my stuff. The things that I do buy are either necessities or a few very specific items that I’ve been wanting.

I have all of the candles, serving dishes, house plants, picture frames, tote bags, and chocolates that I need. Actually, I have more than I need. I’ve been incredibly blessed.

Between you and me, I give away 95% of the gifts that I receive, usually on my local Buy Nothing Facebook group so they get a good home.

So, until this pandemic is over and we can hang out in person, let’s do a phone call or zoom meeting. Please save your money and time shopping for a gift. I’d love to catch up with you instead.

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