How to Get Your Document Notarized Online

Getting a document notarized is one of those things most people only do once in a blue moon. Often you’re not sure where to get it done, and when you do find a place that notarizes, it’s usually not their primary business activity. Many times even after I’ve found a place that notarizes, the notary was out to lunch, or didn’t come into work until 3 PM or whatever. Other times I’ve had to wait in line for the notary to finish with other people.

If your time is valuable, you have better things to do than driving to a place that supposedly does notarizations, only to find out “the notary only comes in on Tuesdays”.

The Solution: Remote Online Notarization

The time-saving solution is to get your document notarized online. It’s called Remote Online Notarization.

Basically, you upload your document, confirm your ID, then talk with a real live notary using your webcam or mobile device’s camera.

This video explains the process.

What If You Have a Paper Document and No Scanner?

Notarizing online requires a PDF (digital) copy of your document. But what if you only have a paper copy and you don’t have a flatbed scanner?

Not to worry, with the Microsoft Lens app, you can use your iOS or Android cell phone to create a PDF copy of your document. It’s super easy to use and works well!

Just install the app on your phone, then open it, point it at your document, then click the capture button. It’s that easy!

Let’s Do This

NotaryLive offers remote online notarization 24 hours a day and seven days a week! What could be more convenient than that! Notarizations are $25 per session plus $5 for each additional signer after the first one. Well worth it if you’re busy!

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If you have questions about remote online notary laws in different states, check out this article.

How Did It Go?

Leave a comment below and tell us about your experiences with NotaryLive! – Brian

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